History Mashups at SXSW

Update: The full audio recording of our panel is now available on the official SXSW website here.

Scroll to bottom for links from this video.

Innovating and Developing with Libraries, Archives, and Museums, SXSW Interactive 2011.

Thanks to my awesome panel: Danielle Plumer at Texas History Online (@dcplumer | here are her slides), Deborah Boyer from Azavea (@debsting | here are her slides), and Michael Edson from the Smithsonian (@mpedson). Also, here’s the unofficial site for the panel, and here’s Michael’s part of the panel.

I didn’t really put up any slides but here’s the Civil War Data 150 project, which is part of a larger movement of Linked Open Data in libraries, archives, and Museums (follow #lodlam on twitter).

Featured in the mashup video I showed:
Open Library and the fab UI work of George Oates and her team at the Internet Archive
Google Books Ngram
National Archive mashup contest
NARA winners on Flickr
And the audio mashup was from various selections at Library of Congress (like FDR, field recordings, and interviews following the attacks on Pearl Harbor), Jelly Roll Morton from Internet Archive, and the XX.

Of course there’s so many great mashups and official releases in the world of history and technology, this was just a sampling! ┬áPlease post your favorites in the comments!

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3 Responses to History Mashups at SXSW

  1. Beautiful mashup! The photo overlay is amazingly poignant.

  2. George Oates says:

    Hi Jon – Thanks for the shout-out! Hope you ate lots of BBQ!

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