Spring/Summer Conferences

Jon Voss will be participating at the following upcoming spring/early summer conferences. Follow LookBackMaps on Twitter to connect!

March 15. SXSW Interactive, Austin, TXInnovating and Developing with Libraries, Archives and Museums. Leading panel with Michael Edson, Deborah Boyer and Danielle Plumer. 9:30am.

March 22-23. Museums and Mobile Online Conference 2011, Virtual.  LookBackMaps is an exhibitor and will be debuting a video highlighting a new app in partnership with a yet-to-be-announced museum.

April 29 – May 1. Great Lakes THATCamp, East Lansing, MI. Jon will be leading a bootcamp on Linked Open Data, walking through the policy and technology aspects of Linked Open Data by using the Civil War Data 150 project as an example.  This might include a little light code, but will largely introduce the legal tools and precedents of Open Data as well as specifics on what Linked Data is, the 5 stars of Linked Data according to Tim Berners-Lee, and what linked data code actually looks like/does.

June 2-3. International Linked Open Data in Libraries, Archives and Museums Summit, San Francisco, CA.  Jon is organizing and facilitating this meeting in partnership with the Internet Archive which seeks to forward Linked Open Data.

June 5-9. 2011 Semantic Technology Conference, San Francisco, CA. Jon will be presenting “The State of Linked Open Data in Libraries, Archives, and Museums” on June 8 at 1:45pm.

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