TimeTravelTourism: Stanford

Photo from the California Historical Society.

I was picking up a friend down on the Stanford campus the other day and remembered a famous picture of the campus just after the 1906 earthquake. As I recall, the Stanford campus sustained some serious damage during the quake, though not the disastrous fires which wiped out much of San Francisco. This image was of a statue that fell from it’s perch and stuck into the sidewalk below. Apparently, the statue only had a broken finger, and was placed back on the building.

Finding the exact location seemed like a perfect mission for me and my ten year old.  He was super excited to see the very place where the statue landed and pick out what has or has not changed. He was perplexed at my guiding him to stand for a photo–until I showed him the picture from the LookBackMaps app.  There he was, a tourist on the 1906 Stanford campus!

See the before and after views of the statue on LookBackMaps.

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