Video: LookBackMaps iPhone App Demo 11/23/09

4/20/10 UPDATE

For more information about the LookBackMaps App and white label mobile app services, visit the LookBackApps site!

Click here to preview the app via web demo, or see the demonstration video below.

LookBackMaps iPhone App demo for Archives from Jon Voss on Vimeo.

Jon Voss previews the LookBackMap iPhone app in video and a working screen capture demo. ¬†The application is not yet in the App Store as we are working with a collaborative group of archivists, technologists, non-profits and commercial web database providers to establish an open and scalable database that will provide users with the ability to add metadata without writing directly to the holding institutions’ metadata. ¬†Archives will be able to use an API to utilize the additional metadata on demand.

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